Tree of Life

Tree of Life

This tree of life have fruits that gives life to the person who partake of it.  We are the tree and we need to be connected to the source which gives life, the Creator of this universe.

As our roots dig deeper into the ground in search for the water, rivers of life giving water, we are nourished, watered and strengthen.

We as the tree will want to grow stronger, bigger and with our branches branching out. We want to bear fruits in seasons and our leaves not withered. Be like the big tree with huge branches where all kinds of animals will want to seek shelter. To live in peace and harmony with the world and with all creations.

We  do not want to remove ourselves from the lifegiver or to do anything that will affect and cause us to be uprooted and be destroyed.

When a tree is affected with dieases, it will be treated first. After numerous treatments and with no improvement and the danger of  affecting the other trees, it will be cutdown and removed to be thrown and burned.