Question 1

What is the normal shipping timeline?

The normal shipping delivery timeline is between 20-25 days. We are constantly comparing different service providers to ensure we are in partnership with the right one to enhance our sservice to our shoppers.

Question 2 

Do you charge shipping fees?

We do not charge any shipping fees at the moment. Most of goods shipped to USA are free at the moment. 

Shipping to other countries may incur a shipping charge. However we will cap the fees so as to make it affordable to our shoppers. The shipping fee may not exceed USD6 but that will depend on the country intended. 

Question 3 

What is our return policy

We encourage the customer to write to us at info@somayatreasure.com and inform us of the defects of the product (with pictures) within a week after the receipt of the it. We will revert in a week's time after we have reviewed the report. We will make the necessary refund if valid and necessary. 

Question 4

What currency conversion type is available?

We have 5 currency types available in Somaya Treasure. It is defaulted to USD. To change the currency type, on the first page of Somaya Treasure at the top right hand corner, there is a USD sign with v indicator. Click on it and change into the desired currency type.